Retouch an Image in 5 minutes Using Adobe lightroom and Photoshop

I went to this spot in Hong Kong to take an iconic image of the cluster of buildings.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed when I saw the image on my PC when I got home.

The image was just too dark and flat to even look at.

I decided to do some retouching in Lightroom and this is where the magic happened.

I was able to retrieve tons of color information in the shadows and also did some

simple photoshop tricks to enhance the final image.


Shooting in the Humidity

On this rainy and dark area of the shoot, I was having difficulty if getting a good exposure.

All the images I took were flat and the clouds were blown out and hazy.

It’s after the 5th shot I realized that I wasn’t overexposing the clouds but the lens

had gotten cloudy because of the humidity.

After this issue was resolved with my t-shirt, and thanks to the articulating screen of the

D5500, I was able to get a decent composition with somewhat of a good exposure.

Post Processing in Lightroom

Here are the steps I took in Lightroom:

  • Remove Chromatic Abr, Lens Profile
  • Highlight: -100,
  • shadow +100,
  • white +36,
  • black -50,
  • contrast +19,
  • exposure +0.71
  • temperature: 5571
  • clarity: +100
  • saturation: +100
  • Brushed Clouds:
  • Clouds: clarity +20
  • Clouds: dehaze +20
  • Clouds: saturation -20
  • HSL Saturation:
  • Red +100
  • Orange +80
  • Yellow +80
  • Green: -100
  • Aqua: -80
  • Purple: -100
  • Magenta: -100
  • Vignette: -19
  • Crop: 1x1 and also straighten image

Post Processing in Photoshop

Here are the steps I took in Photoshop:

  • Duplicated layer (ctrl + j) or (cmd + j)
  • transform image (ctrl + t) or (cmd + t)
  • Flip the image vertical and press Enter
  • Add black layer mask (alt) or (option) click layer mask
  • Brush in the Areas you want to show in white on the layer mask

I hope this video helped you see that it doesn’t much a lot of time to post process images.

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