Python Pipenv Notes

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pip and virtualenv are very useful in python.

pipenv can be used to replace both. pipenv can work with virtualenv projects so not everyone needs to switch over.

pipenv cheat sheet

create a pipenv:

pipenv install

install from a pipfile:

pipenv install

Update the pip lock file:

pipenv lock

create a pipenv from a requirements.txt file:

pipenv install -r requirements.txt

install a package:

pipenv install <package-name>

install a package to dev:

pipenv install <package-name> --dev

install from lock file:

pipenv install --ignore-pipfile

remove a package:

pipenv uninstall <package-name>

run as the environment without activating it:

pipenv run python

activate pipenv environ:

pipenv shell

deactivate pipenv environment:


delete a pipenv environment:

pipenv --rm

display all the dependencies:

pipenv lock -r

run python as different version:

  • edit the version in the pipfile
  • pipenv --python 3.6

check security info of project:

pipenv check

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