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Hi there, I build and manage websites for a living.

I’ve been doing this stuff for about 10 years.

Here are my services you can choose from

Website Creation

I build high quality websites that conform to current standards. Websites include corporate sites, ecommerce, listings, dynamic and static sites.

Server Management

All websites are hosted on servers with fast SSD, high bandwidth and data redundancy. Your sites will also be remotely backed up from day one.

Data Analytics

Launching your site is just the beginning. Set up google analytics & gtm to track the vital metrics to increase your conversion rates.


Some projects I’ve worked on

Mizuno HK Website

Web Development


ISCL Website

Web Development


Ohtaka Website

Web Development


Tokyosports Online v1

Web Dev, Project Mgmt


Tokyosports Online v2

Project Mgmt


Al Bhed Translator

Web Dev

Python Flask


Some of the things I picked up along the way.

  • 2009

    Builds first site in HTML

    After hitting up the w3schools html tutorials, I host my first +100 pages website in pure HTML4 & CSS. nightmare . .

  • 2010

    the 960.gs grid system

    Responsive design wasn’t a thing yet, I built my first site using the 960 grid system.

  • 2011

    My First CMS - Joomla

    Without any knowledge of PHP, I dive in and host my first Joomla website relying solely on cpanel and a css template generator.

  • 2012

    Wordpress Sites

    With the addition of Custom Post types and taxonomies in Wordpress, it started getting referred to as a CMS. I probably launched over a hundred sites in Wordpress thanks to the themes and plugins.

  • 2014

    Frontend Development

    I Learned basic php, css, jQuery, bootstrap, mysql and also got to use modx, processwire and started made custom themes in Wordpress.

  • 2014

    Started learning linux (Ubuntu, Centos), cli, nginx

    I got used to the cli and experimented with various linux control panels(cpanel, whm, plesk, vestacp, webmin, ZPanel, serverpilot etc.)

  • 2015

    Learning OOP, CRUD, MVC

    I started learning OOP and how to develop large websites without using frameworks and cms.

  • 2015

    Ecommerce in Magento, Prestashop & Woocommerce

    I developed ecommerce websites using these popular platforms in PHP. All of them are great choices each having their own Pros and Cons.

  • 2017

    Static Site Generators & git

    Static Sites = fast + secure. Static site generators like Hugo and middleman are freaking awesome.

  • 2017

    DSLRs, Lightroom & Photoshop

    I developed some solid skills in photography, lightroom and photoshop thanks to product photography for our ecommerce site.

  • 2018

    Learns dvorak

    Again, not web related but I learned touch typing by switching to Dvorak. This along with the ortholinear keyboards doubled my productivity.

  • 2018

    The Laravel framework

    Building a few projects with Laravel 5.6 which has been amazingly fun. Still learning OOP.

  • 2018

    Next to learn . .

    Django ..

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